Business program – Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation


The purpose of the Action is to support very small, small, and medium-sized export manufacturing companies operating in Greece, to strengthen the international presence of their manufactured products, through their participation in trade fairs organized outside Greek territory in the EU and in third parties Countries.


The participation of export processing companies in exhibitions is an excellent opportunity for

a) the promotion of their products in international markets,

b) increasing the chances of entering business partnerships,

c) increasing sales and

d) strengthening their business profile at an international level.




Results of the action are our participation in the largest trade fair for seafood and fish farming products in the world SeaFood Expo Global 2022 and SeaFood Expo Global 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

With the aim of strengthening the export orientation of Diopa S.A. and guided by the needs of the global market, we presented at the exhibition all our products, as well as the production capabilities of our company’s new facilities in Nea Machaniona, Thessaloniki.


The approved budget amounts to €99,800.00 and the approved grant to €49,900.00 (based on the Technical Annex)


Business program – Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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